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Richard Campbell, Director. S.H. Harrold Ltd.

“I had not used headhunters before, but found Hunter Human Capital filled my staff vacancy in an...

Philip and Mary Thompson Opticians.

“Thank you for calling again to see how things are going with our new employee. He is progressing very well and we have booked him on various courses so that he can continue to advance his career. We have been very impressed with the way that you handled our request with help in finding new staff members. I do feel that this is a worthwhile way of sourcing already employed staff who may not have been considering a move at this time. General advertising is always a hit and miss affair in optics and using an agency means that we are only looking at people already enrolled with the agency. I am very aware that headhunting is widely employed in other fields in order to contact the very best potential employees. I am surprised that it is so little used in optics!”

Mary Thompson, Partner.

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