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Why use us

"Research-powered recruitment - proven to deliver 6x as many high calibre candidates as any other method"

Headhunting is very different to any other method of recruitment. The service provided by Hunter Human Capital uniquely gives you the opportunity to present your role in a powerful and engaging way to every Pharmacist or Technician in your area, not just the few who are actively looking for new positions.


Identification and Attraction:

  • Real time access to every Pharmacist and Technician in all of the UK’s 12,000 Community Pharmacies.
  • High calibre candidates generated exclusively for you.
  • Unique ability to promote your opportunity, in order to attract the right candidates into your pharmacy.

Selecting for Quality:

  • Assessing and selecting candidates with the right skills, motivation & track record to help you achieve your pharmacy’s goals.
  • Ensuring good culturalfit between the candidate and your pharmacy.

Assurance & Peace of Mind:

  • Bespoke, fully project-managed and totally transparent recruitment service.
  • Recruitment process developed over 15 years through consultation with pharmacy owners and leading industry bodies.


Your Vacancy; an Opportunity

It would be easy to view having a Pharmacist or Technician vacancy as a problem but if you choose the right recruitment solution it’s a huge opportunity.

Finding an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Pharmacist isn’t difficult. All you need do is post an advert on a job board, or make a quick call to an employment agency. But if you’re looking for a high quality, proactive Pharmacist who will drive a pharmacy forward, increase prescription items and develop new revenue streams, there’s a much better way.

Similarly, finding “a Technician” isn’t particularly difficult – but choosing the right recruiting method will substantially improve your chances of finding and hiring a quality, committed Technician, who will make a significant, quantifiable contribution to your pharmacy business.


Why top quality Pharmacists & Technicians are hard to find

If you want to recruit a really top quality Pharmacist or Technician, there are 2 separate problems you need to overcome:

  1. The pool of active job–seekers is small — at any one time less than 5% of Pharmacists and Technicians are actively looking for new roles i.e. reading job ads and sending their CVs to employment agencies. Hiring exercises based around advertisements or agencies are inevitably compromised by a shortage of candidates.
  1. Active job–seekers are more likely to be poorly–performing employees — people don’t tend to enjoy doing jobs they’re not good at and employers don’t make much of an effort to look after poor–performers, so the lowest calibre Pharmacists and Technicians are always more likely to be reading and applying to job ads and registering with employment agencies.


The solution

The pool of Approachable candidates (made up of Tiptoers and Explorers – see below) is considerably bigger and contains a significantly higher proportion of high quality candidates. Headhunting is the only method of recruitment that will enable you to present your vacancy to every one of these candidates and this, in turn, will afford you a significantly better opportunity to hire a high quality candidate with a proven track record of success.


As long as the right conditions exist, we provide service on a ‘no–hire, no–fee’ basis — under these terms you do not pay us a penny until, or unless a candidate supplied by us accepts a position with you.

H.R. Templates

  • Contract of employment
  • Appraisal Form
  • Absence Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

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