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H.R. Templates

Working Time Regulations – 48-hour Rule Opt-Out

Termination of Employment – COMPROMISE AGREEMENT

Termination Letter (with notice)

Termination Letter (no notice)

Sickness and Absence Policy

Notice by Employer of First Written Warning

Notice of Disciplinary Meeting

Parental & Paternity Policy

Performace Appraisal and Personal Development Plan

Redundancy termination notice letter

Notice by Employer of Final Written Warning

Maternity & Adoption Policy

Job Description Template

Internet & Email Usage Guidelines

Grievance & Disciplinary Policy & procedure

Data protection Release Form

Director’s Service Agreement

Employee Induction Checklist

Employee to Employer – Notification of Maternity Leave letter

Equal Opportunities & Anti-Harassment & Bullying Policy

Data Protection Policy

Contract of Employment – Permanent

Contract of Employment – Fixed Term

Contract for Services (self-employed)

Communications Policy

Additional EC Clauses – Intellectual Property Rights

Additional EC Clauses – Organisation Protective Clothing & Equipment

Additional EC Clauses – Organisation Uniform

Additional EC Clauses – Relationships within the Workplace

Additional EC Clauses – Right to Search

Additional EC Clauses – Gifts and Benefits

Additional EC Clauses – Corporate Entertainment

Additional EC Clauses – Conduct and Dress – Office Environment

Additional EC Clauses – Change of Personal Circumstances & Information

Additional EC Clauses – Alternative Work & Second Jobs


H.R. Templates

  • Contract of employment
  • Appraisal Form
  • Absence Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

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