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Optometry Recruitment

"Research-powered recruitment - proven to deliver 6x as many high calibre candidates as any other method"

Established in 2003, Hunter Human Capital is a headhunting firm that specialises in recruiting Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Practice Managers. Our proactive, research based recruitment methodology is an ideal solution for employers looking to find exceptional candidates or fill ‘hard-to-fill’ posts.

Headhunting involves making direct and personalised approaches to prospective job candidates, with a high degree of discretion. It is an ideal solution when recruiting for positions where specific qualifications and expertise are sought and candidates must have proven track records of success in similar roles.

Underpinned by high quality candidate research, headhunting is a transparent process, whereby the list of candidates to be headhunted is agreed in advance with the client and the client receives regular, detailed updates on the outcome of all headhunting activity being undertaken on their behalf.

H.R. Templates

  • Contract of employment
  • Appraisal Form
  • Absence Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

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