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Richard Campbell, Director. S.H. Harrold Ltd.

“I had not used headhunters before, but found Hunter Human Capital filled my staff vacancy in an...

John Biddle, Opticians.

“Having never made use of headhunting services before, I would now only ever go down this route in future. Hunter Human Capital demonstrated total professionalism and delivered. By the time one has paid for very expensive and often unsuccessful advertising, or engaged costly employment agencies with absolutely no interest or ability in recruitment, it really leaves only one sensible recruiting option – Hunter Human Capital.”

John Biddle, Owner.

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Care Home Salary Survey 2014

Manager and Deputy Manager Salaries and Benefits.

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  • 6 Facts to consider before you advertise a vacancy
  • 5 questions you can’t ask at interview
  • 5 Common mistakes interviewers make
  • 5 Danger signs to spot in a CV