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Recruiting GPs

Why are GPs so hard to recruit?

If you’re struggling to recruit a general practitioner, you’re not alone. Against the backdrop of a national shortage of GPs, doctors deserting the profession and junior doctors avoiding what they see as an “unglamorous” career, the number of unfilled GP posts has quadrupled in the past three years. Recent surveys show that many GP vacancies remain unfilled for more than a year. Pulse reports practices offering ‘Golden Hellos’ of £20,000 and still failing to recruit. And the crisis is set to worsen still, with many GP training places remaining vacant and 28% of GPs considering retirement.

The cost of your unfilled vacancies…

Research conducted by Pulse Magazine in early 2014, after the changes in superannuation regulations, showed that practices typically pay £14,500 per month for full time locum cover. This compares to the cost of employing a permanent GP of approximately £8,500 per month. Therefore, if your partnership is currently covering a permanent position with a locum, you are probably spending about £6,000 a month more than you need to.

The true cost to a practice of relying on locum cover is considerably higher than the premium paid for employing locums. The Clinical, Legal, Workload and Reputation costs can easily be underestimated – these are analysed in theSpecial Report.

The Solution

Hunter Human Capital offers an effective, professional and cost–effective way of filling permanent GP vacancies. We have the widest network of candidates, which means we’re often able to fill ‘hard-to-fill’ GP roles when other recruiting methods have failed to deliver a result (which, given current demand, they usually do).