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Duncan Mann, Business Manager. Southmead & Henbury Family Practice, Southmead.

“We were delighted with the recruitment service that Hunter Human Capital provided to the Southmead & Henbury Family Practice recently. From the point of enquiry to the appointment of a very able candidate, the service was professional, efficient and friendly. HHC kept us informed at all times, and were very responsive to our requirements. They took a considerable amount of the workload out of the recruitment process, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any GP practice seeking to achieve the best possible recruitment outcomes, and we will certainly use them again in future if and when the need arises.”

Recruiting Practice Managers

"Research-powered recruitment - proven to deliver 6x as many high calibre candidates as any other method"

Why are the best Practice Managers so hard to recruit?

As the demands of practice management become ever greater, not to mention increasingly complex, Practice Managers are struggling under an unprecedented workload. A recent survey revealed that two-thirds are considering a new career and the vast majority are feeling ‘demotivated’ in their current job. More than one-in-five of the managers surveyed cited workload as their biggest concern, with the remainder citing ‘too much change’, ‘a lack of support’ and ‘too much bureaucracy’. At the same time, a large number of practice managers – like their GP counterparts – are in their late fifties and considering early retirement.

Practice Managers who can competently handle everything the role now demands are an increasingly scarce resource, yet demand for their services is rising.

The cost of badly filled vacancies

The volume and breadth of work that Practice Managers now have to cope with is enormous. Given they have to deal with everything connected to CQC, QOF and contract changes, support GPs’ workload, deal with revalidation and handle Human Resources, as well as performing a whole host of other ancillary duties, it’s not difficult to understand the organisational problems that a poorly–performing Practice Manager can create. With the wrong person at the helm, you might end up with an under–pressure team that struggles to deliver effective service, instead of a well organised team that’s focussed on developing extra services and additional revenue streams. Practice Managers are so critical to the success of the organisation that the importance of finding and hiring an experienced and competent person with a proven track record cannot be over–stated.

The Solution

Hunter Human Capital offers an effective, professional and cost–effective way of filling Practice Manager vacancies. We have the widest network of candidates, which means we are able to find the highest quality Practice Managers for our clients. To find out more, email info@hhcuk.com or simply call 01423 874696.

H.R. Templates

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H.R. Information

At Hunter Human Capital, we're passionate about providing the best possible recruitment solutions to our general practice clients. In order to do that, it's important that we keep abreast of the recruitment trends and difficulties within the sector. We commissioned a special report so that our prospective clients might better understand the cost and wider implications of failing to fill their GP vacancies in a timely manner. You can read it below: SPECIAL REPORT. Counting the cost of GP Vacancies:>Ineffective Press Advertising, Missed Opportunities and the Real Price of Locum cover Click to download

Advice & Guidance

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  • 6 Facts to consider before you advertise a vacancy
  • 5 questions you can’t ask at interview
  • 5 Common mistakes interviewers make
  • 5 Danger signs to spot in a CV