Care Home Managers and Multi-Site Managers

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Peter Hannah, Director. Lostock Lodge Ltd.

"As a business we had not used a head-hunting service before. The reason we decided on this...


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H.R. Templates

  • Contract of employment
  • Appraisal Form
  • Absence Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

H.R. Information

Care Home Salary Survey 2015 Minimum wage for sleep in staff. Case Law

Manager and Deputy Manager Salaries and Benefits.

Essential info for recruiting & retaining staff

Bite Size info

  • 6 Facts to consider before you advertise a vacancy
  • 5 questions you can’t ask at interview
  • 5 Common mistakes interviewers make
  • 5 Danger signs to spot in a CV
  • 5 Factors influencing Care Home Managers changing jobs